The Scottish Government have introduced legislation on law abiding citizens !

The Scottish Government have introduced legislation to make it more difficult to buy and use fireworks in Scotland.

This law is specifically targeted at law abiding citizens and does nothing to address issues of antisocial behaviour and misuse of fireworks in Scotland. The firework industry is working hard to stop this unwarranted restriction of civil liberties but we need your help.

We would ask that you urgently write to your local MSP, stating that you want the existing legislation fully enforced. The existing legislation allows the authorities to fine individuals up to £5,000 and/or 6 months in prison for the misuse of fireworks. Misuse which includes using fireworks as weapons, attacking members of the public and the emergency services along with using in an antisocial way.

Ask you MSP:-

  • Why is more not being done to enforce the existing legislation? 

  • Why are additional resources not being provided to enforcement authorities to fully enforce the existing legislation? 

  • Why is such action not being taken BEFORE introducing additional legislation?

  • The legislation targets law abiding citizens, why does the Scottish Government feel justified in this when law abiding citizens are not the cause of antisocial behaviour and misuse?


To find the contact details of your local MSP, follow this link and enter your postcode