Safe Firework Storage

Storing fireworks

Tips on safely storing your fireworks.

The first thing to remember is that Fireworks contain explosives! this might seem obvious, but you should undetstand that you are handling and storing explosives and not toys.

When storing fireworks at home the main things to ensure are:

  • The fireworks are kept away from any sources of heat or ignition like naked flames or heaters
  • The fireworks are kept dry
  • Never smoke while handling fireworks
  • Store fireworks in their original packaging
  • Do not store fireworks with any other flammable materials including petrol, oil or paint
  • If there is a possibility of children or animals having access to the fireworks, keep them stored in a lockable container or cabinet

It is not advised to store fireworks outside in sheds where they can get damp.  You should also avoid anywhere with significant changes in temperatures including greenhouses, conservatories and lofts which could result in condensation.  If you must keep your fireworks in the shed, wrap them up tightly in well sealed bin liners or plastic bags.